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GAP Insurance

A vehicle usually loses value over time. If your vehicle is written off, your comprehensive motor insurance might indemnify you a value which could be significantly lower than the initial purchase price of your vehicle. Yes, this means that even if you have a full comprehensive motor insurance, you can face a financial shortfall in case of a total loss or theft of your vehicle.

Get back the invoice price of your car
Cancel anytime
Coverage up to 5 years
New & late-model cars

Changing people’s opinion about insurance

Customer experience in insurance can be a painful process. We know how complicated it can be: incomprehensible policies, no personalisation, too expensive products and unsatisfying service in case of claims. We are facilitating your life. Our goal: elevating your experience by offering on-demand made-to-measure insurance coverage that you can subscribe to through a fully digital process. On top of that, we put into place top-notch customer care, so you can feel supported and listened to in any situation. Because insurance is a serious matter, we work with the world’s top risk carriers.


Subliming the User Experience

Our DNA is to sublime customer experience. That’s why, we have completely rethought insurance products and processes so you'd feel delighted at any touch point with us!

At the Center of Europe

Qover is partnering with Lloyd’s of London. Working with a world class insurer enables us to provide you with the most sophisticated offer while guaranteeing the best financial security

FSMA Regulated

Qover is fully approved and authorized by the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) under the registration number 115284A and operates as an untied insurance agent in the European Economic Area

Coverholder at Lloyd’s

Coverholder at Lloyd's'

Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market. With expertise earned over centuries, Lloyd’s is the foundation of the insurance industry and the future of it. Led by expert underwriters and brokers who cover more than 200 territories, the Lloyd’s market develops the essential, complex and critical insurance needed to underwrite human progress. Backed by diverse global capital and excellent financial ratings, Lloyd’s works with a global network to grow the insured world – building resilience for businesses and local communities and strengthening economic growth around the world.

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